Wednesday, 13 November 2013

Repost from... Pagan Parenting UK: Magick Milk

I wanted to share this poem with you, I don't think it needs anything by way of an explanation or introduction, but suffice to say that it is about motherhood and in particular, breastfeeding...

Magickal Milk

At first the tearful hungry infant
Suckling at the engorged breast
Leaves me tearful, fearful, tired
Will this tiny succubus ever be fed? 

But days and weeks to months they blur
And babies grow and live and learn
My goddess given gift of a child
Is sustained by this magick milk of mine

The bond grows stronger and we wonder
At the child before us now
He is walking, jumping talking
With messy curls upon his head

Year one done we journey on
Learning, growing, all the time
And still this sacred special liquid
Keeps him healthy all the while

Year two passes all too fast,
Babies are not made to last
Here he is, my little lad
With a smile so like his Dad's

And so year three arrives with fanfare
Cake and candles, gifts and friends
But in my heart there is a burning
This is where my baby ends

No more magick milk for Ozzy
He is not a baby now
I must not be seen to feed him
He must drink milk from a cow

I just wish that they would tell you
When you start upon this path
To treasure each and every feeding,
For they vanish all too fast

So though my breasts are full and heavy
The time has come for us to stop
tears of sadness fill my eyes now
I have to let my baby grow up

Original posted on Pagan Parenting UK: Magick Milk 13/11/13

(C) Arietta Moon / Small Songs

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