Thursday, 26 September 2013

Stop Press!

Please show your support to my fellow writer and artist friend Romany Rivers

She is  using Kick Starter to help get her book published...

 This book chronicles a very personal journey through the years overcoming severe bouts of depression and consequently creating a more holistic and spiritual lifestyle. The chapters Red Letters, Return to Sender and Addressee Unknown reveal periods of depression and anxiety; anger and healing; and acceptance and spiritual growth. The words in these pages were not written for mass consumption. They were not artfully crafted for reading aloud in dim rooms to a soundtrack of clicking fingers and Parisian style applause. They were not intended as political statements or a way of reaching other wayward wandering souls. Over the last two decades they were poured, purged, scribbled and spat onto scraps of paper, napkins, backs of hands, into empty pages and blank spaces of other books. At times of sorrow, frustration, confusion, acceptance and joy these words made sense of the minds muddled meanderings. Within these pages you will find heart breaking, heart healing honesty that crosses the divide and touches the souls of others. Now is the time to share this honesty. Now is the time to open pages and breathe new life into whispered words. I gave this project my heart, but it is you, dear reader, you are the one who can give this project life. 

Current Development:
Poison Pen Letters to Myself is a completed manuscript, undergoing final proof reading, editing and design. There has already been a contract offered on the book, and the manuscript is already close to publication. This Kickstarter campaign will raise the required author subsidy to finalise the cost and production of design and editing.

Some of the things said in reviews:

"This is a guide of immense power and love.."

"...a worthy book of poetry..."

"... there is honesty, catharsis and ultimately beauty on almost every page." 

"I love poetry, and the poetry here is beautiful."

"It has good form, imagery and subject matter."

"... a consuming and compelling collection of raw expression."

"I'm not the greatest fan of poetry so it has to be really good to appeal, and this is really good."

"... it reads like a novelised, journalised roadmap of the human experience."

Your part of the project:
On the right you will find a list of pledges and incentives, which is how Kickstarter allows you and I to work together and publish my dream. Think of it as a way to pre-order a signed copy of the book, or receive a funky handmade gift of gratitude. If I reach the goal, the full 100%, before the deadline, I can provide the author subsidy for design and I can publish the book. If I fail to meet the financial goal then I get nothing at all, the publishing contract will be withdrawn and the book will not make it to print. Your pledge will be refunded, your card will not be charged. So your part in this project is integral, not only by pledging to be a part of the publishing dream but also by sharing this campaign through social networking and raising awareness all over the world. 

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