Sunday, 29 September 2013

Woo hooo! Another successful book give away!

To celebrate getting over 100 "Likes" on my facebook page ( ) I ran a prize draw give away,to win a signed copy of my latest book "Circles of Sacred Laughter"

Everyone who entered had their name written on a piece of paper and then all the names were folded up...

The names were put into my baby cauldron 

And I got to pick out a winner...

And the winner was..............

So a signed copy of my book will be winging it's way to Cindy ASAP.

I am grateful to everyone who took the time to enter the giveaway and for those who didn't win you can still pick up a copy from Amazon :)

So, that's my Sunday... Now off to snuggle on the sofa for a bit with my family, a cup of tea and a movie before hitting the books again this evening :)


  1. I love the welcome screen of your blog simple yet creative :D

    1. thank you, it is always nice to get feedback :)